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Viscoderm is a Swiss-made "skin booster" from IBSA Pharma; but it's so much more than that. It is the ideal combination of elasticity and support. It is based on extremely pure hyaluronic acid which is specifically designed for size and degree of cross-linking - allowing it to be injected very superficially to deal with very fine lines and crepe skin.


Profhilo, also from IBSA Pharma of Lugano, is hyaluronic acid that is not cross-linked; it is instead heat-stabilised. This enacted the material to spread through the dermis and stimulate four types of collagen and elastin. The hyaluronic acid also draws in water - hydrating the skin from inside. The result is naturally collagen and elastin supported skin, which looks amazing and feels younger and firmer.

With a few injections deeper frown lines, wrinkles and crows feet can be drastically reduced.

Restylane is a temporary filler used to smooth out facial wrinkles, enhance cheekbones and add volume to your lips
It is a natural non-animal product identical to a substance (hyaluronic acid) already in the skin.  It works on skin that has lost elasticity and volume.

All cosmetic procedures are performed by Philip Connell, a highly skilled and very experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon. Mr Connell specialises in minimally invasive techniques to produce the most natural appearance, albeit more youthful and refreshed.

What to expect...

A natural appearance which stands up to the closest scrutiny and does not look as if work has been done.

After treatment, patients should look like themselves  but a refreshed, better version.

NOT frozen - NOT plumped up - NOT distorted

About our Plastic Surgeon

All cosmetic procedures are performed by Dr Philip Connell, FRCS, a highly skilled and very experienced Plastic Surgeon who visits the Peach Tree on a weekly basis.

Dr Connell is world-renowned, specialising in minimally invasive techniques, many of which he has developed himself during more than 15 years practice in the area of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery.  He is particularly known for his gentle touch and artistic eye, producing amazing, natural results.

After qualifying as a dental surgeon and working in Maxilla-Facial Surgery his interest in facial anatomy and artistic eye propelled him to train and become qualified as a medical doctor, making him exceptional as one of only a handful of doubly qualified Cosmetic Surgeons in the world.

After qualifying as a doctor he spent time working in the NHS in General Medicine, Accident and Emergency, General and Orthopaedic Surgery before specialising in Plastic Surgery.  Following this surgical training Dr Connell achieved the distinction of being awarded the esteemed Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons.

He was also selected by the University of Virginia to undertake a two-year fellowship in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, which resulted in his being awarded Life Fellowship of the prestigious American College of Cosmetic Surgery, an accolade achieved by very few British doctors.

For more than a decade, alongside his private practice, he has been in great demand both in the UK and internationally as an expert teacher specialising in Minimally Invasive Treatments to produce the most natural results.

He has a considerable following of patients from all walks of life, including other doctors, celebrities and royalty.  All are treated equally specially and equally discreetly, with the vast majority of his patients coming from personal recommendations.  Although you may not be acquainted with Dr Connell, you will most certainly be familiar with his work, displayed on some of the most famous faces on television and the media, or perhaps on a friend who just seems to look younger, but you cannot work out why!


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